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Cosmic Comics is the (fictional) 'publisher' of the Liberty Lass comic. Cosmic Comics, as a company, has been a top competitor of DC and Marvel since the Golden Age.  The company began as two separate entities. Liberty Man Comics began with the publication of Liberty Man #1 in 1942, detailing the origin of Liberty Man. Liberty Man Comics published these stories through the 1940s.  At the same time, a separate company called Cosmic Comics produced a title by the same name, Cosmic Comics, as an anthology of science fiction related stories. Cosmic Comics #1 was published  in 1941. The two companies contuinued indpendently until the early 1950s. At this point, science fiction comics had fallen in popularity and Cosmic was in financial trouble. Liberty Man continued to be highly popular, and Liberty Man Comics was financially sound. Liberty Man Comics bought Cosmic. Because LMC had created a large stable of superheroes by this time, they took the name Cosmic Comics. The Cosmic Comics series continued as a sci-fi anthology, and other comics began to emerge as part of the Cosmic universe. 

Over the years, Cosmic Comics became known as one of the "Big Three" (with DC and Marvel being the others). Their superheroes remained highly popular throughout the latter half of the 20th century. By the 1990s, as the other two members of the Big Three began to shift emphasis, creating a more grim and gritty tone and depicting heroes as dark and brooding, Cosmic remained faithful to its roots.  Whereas the other companies abandoned the Comics Code rules and began producing stories for teens and adults, Cosmic has continued to target young people, producing all-ages superhero comics in the classic way.  Cosmic Comics is also proud of venerable series, and they generally do not reboot or relaunch titles back to issue #1 unless a series was canceled for a time, and then restarted.

CosmicVerse Comic Covers

Here is a sampling of cover art from significant or collectible issues published by Cosmic Comics (aka. Liberty Man Comics) from 1942 to today.

Liberty Man #1 (1942)

Cosmic Comics #1 (1941)

Shield of Dawn #1 (1957)

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Liberty Man and the Fighting 53rd #127 (1972)

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Liberty Man #564 - Final Issue (1989)

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Dr. Synapse #100 (1996)

Dr. Synapse #100

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Miss Vector #1 - (2011)

Liberty Lass #2 (2016)