Below, I will list the relevant dates of events that occur in the Liberty Lass comic.  As they are mentioned, events of the world's past will be listed below the main timeline.

* WARNING* The timeline contains spoilers if you have not read up to the current page. Read at your own risk.

Present Day* timeline:

March 26, Thursday - Battle on Main Street. Abby's powers revealed. First meeting with Shield of Dawn.

March 27, Friday - Abby, Jackson, and Deena talk about the big battle and wonder who the "girl with powers" was.

March 28, Saturday - Abby meets with Dr. Synapse and Liberty Man to discuss where her powers come from.

March 29, Sunday - Abby decides to become a superhero.

March 30, Monday - Abby acquires a costume and the name 'Liberty Lass,' and battles Homewrecker. Her first fight appears on the evening news.

March 31, Tuesday - Liberty Lass confronts Councilman Kludge about his connection to the Homewrecker incident. TJ finds out about her secret.

April 1, Wednsday - Liberty Lass rescues 2 kids from a burning building.
April 2, Thursday - Liberty Lass stops a bank robbery.
April 3, Friday  - Liberty Lass pulls a jack-knifed tractor trailer out of a ditch, saving the driver.
April 4, Saturday - Liberty Lass rescues a cat out of a tree.
April 6, Monday - Andrew Madison gives Abby a driving lesson.
April 7, Tuesday - Cape-Hoarder attempts to steal Liberty Lass' cape.
April 11, Saturday - Kludge meets a mysterious woman and puts out a contract on Liberty Lass.

Past chronology:

1942 - Liberty Man receives his powers in Africa while fighting the Krauts.

1957 - The Shield of Dawn forms, consisting of Liberty Man (leader), Sir Solar, Miniature Maiden, and Electrigirl.

1988 - Dr. Synapse joins the Shield of Dawn.

1989 - Liberty Man loses his powers after killing Mortal Glare during a subway battle. Dr. Synapse becomes the leader of the Shield of Dawn.

2010 - Miss Vector joins the Shield of Dawn.

* Author's note: Liberty Lass follows traditional Bronze Age timeline conventions. All events occuring in the "present day" of the story occur in the current year. That is, it is always "this year" for the events being depicted as in the present.