On this page I will place links to other sites that I use or enjoy.  This includes mostly other webcomics I like, but also some other links of interest.

Technical Links

DAZ3D- the primary posing/rendering software used in creating this comic

Renderosity - a place for locating DAZ3D resources that may be different from what is found/allowed on the DAZ3D shop

Blender - a 3D modeling program. Powerful but difficult to learn. Use at your own risk

Manga Studio - A comic-creation program - expensive but easy to use and very powerful.

Other webcomics I enjoy

The Data Chasers - one of the longest-running and best CGI-art webcomics around


Offworld: The Crease - another very solid CGI-art webcomic


The Art of Monsters - a wonderful story with simple but elegant artwork.  Completed in 2015.


Breaking the Lore - a new, charming story by the author of Art of Monsters.


Heart of Keol - engaging tale set in fictional Korea with beautiful art


Imperial Entanglements - hilariously funny spoof on Bioware's Star Wars MMO, TheOld Republic.

Paradox - a comic with a very engaging story and cool artwork

Silver - a story about werewolves in the wild west

Yesterday Bound - space opera set in the distant future