Issue 2 - Page 5

22nd Jan 2016, 7:00 PM in Birthright - Part 2
Issue 2 - Page 5
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Steven-Vincent 22nd Jan 2016, 7:00 PM edit delete
Two questions one always must answer in a world that has superheroes is -- where did they come from? And how long have they been here?

Classically, because Superman began the existence of modern comic-book superheroes in 1938, and Captain America followed soon after, both of the Big Two companies set their superhero beginnings around World War II. This is considered the 'golden age' of comics. Later, other superhero worlds have kept up this same basic timeline, whether in games like Champions and City of Heroes, or TV shows about superheroes.

Since the 'superheroes emerging during WW II' motif is a classical element of most superhero universes, I have retained this basic timeline in the Liberty Lass universe. Thus, Liberty Man was the first superhuman (at least, the first one known to the public -- more on that in upcoming pages)... but many others followed like dominoes after he came into existence.

Why did this happen? The next couple of pages will explain.

And how did Liberty Man actually get powers? Stay tuned... all will be explained (at least to the extent that Liberty Man understands it) as we proceed through this issue.
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Centcomm 22nd Jan 2016, 8:34 PM edit delete reply
Some like to correlate super powers to the beginning of the atomic age

Great job on this one
Steven-Vincent 22nd Jan 2016, 9:00 PM edit delete reply
Ah, Cent, you have anticipated a little bit of what is coming on the next page ;)
Centcomm 22nd Jan 2016, 10:47 PM edit delete reply
Ive played a LOT of Champions pen and paper game :D I have all the source books from roughly 5th on back.
Ed8 23rd Jan 2016, 3:19 PM edit delete reply
Real-Life radioactivity is such a rip-off. I keep eating plutonium and all I seem to get is radiation sickness. I haven't even developed one single superpower yet! Maybe I'm not eating enough plutonium?
Steven-Vincent 23rd Jan 2016, 4:04 PM edit delete reply
I feel like there was a parody story at one point where a character tried one supposedly super-power inducing event after another trying to get super-powers and all he did was get hurt, but I can't remember who did the story.
Ed8 24th Jan 2016, 12:09 AM edit delete reply
You're Probably thinking of Family Guy: toxic waste gave them superpowers but they used them for villainy, so the mayor rolled around in the same toxic waste so he would also get superpowers and be able to stop them, but instead it just made him deathly ill (as it obviously would in real life). Irony!
Steven-Vincent 24th Jan 2016, 1:05 AM edit delete reply
No, I'm definitely not thinking of Family Guy, as I rarely ever watched it.
Ed8 26th Jan 2016, 2:36 AM edit delete reply
Actually, that was one of only a few episodes I've seen as well. I suppose it may not be all that uncommon a trope as I thought. I'm off to TVtropes now to check, so I expect to be trapped there for hours as it is an inescapable time vortex!
Final Fist 8th May 2016, 10:32 AM edit delete reply
Final Fist
I get the feeling that maybe one of these super "heroes" created by the nazis will show-up sooner or later. (and he will be powerful)
Steven-Vincent 8th May 2016, 10:36 AM edit delete reply
Originally I wanted to set this in WW II, which would have necessitated a slightly different origin for Abby's powers, but allowed her to fight against Nazis. I really feel like that is her bread and butter. However, there are not enough DAZ resources out there to do a viable WW II comic... a few panels, yes. A whole world and comic, no.

The original LL of course lived in the present day (as a character in COH), so I used to purposely send her against the 5th column, which was modern-day Nazis living in Paragon City.

What that means for the comic, though... we will have to wait and see. Keep in mind these guys would be as old as Liberty Man now... unless they had some way of reversing or stopping the aging process.
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